"After using a majority of the various journals available for iOS, I’m super impressed with DayGram. Very well thought out, it’s clean design and bug free operation are but two highlights of this outstanding app. The fast convenient date stamp is an essential part of what makes this my favorite journal app of all. Devoid of clutter and distractions DayGram is a delight to use. I highly recommend it." 


by PodRed


"I actually use this app a lot, but i think i am using it in a different way, i keep this app as a work logs of whenever i leave the office and whats the reason for it. So when i leave my office i open the app and click on the "clock icon" and write my reason next to it, in the end of each month i print the list out as my overtime sheet, thank you guys for the multi

tasking app."

by Oz3


"This journaling app gives you the feel of a blogging app. This app is simple and beautiful. It displays all of your entries by the day and separately by the month. It even lets you search specific dates! I used to honestly get stressed and feel that I needed to write a lot, or just have trouble summarizing my days (because I forget the small details), but now writing down my thoughts and whats going on in my life has become a breeze."

by Rockeny